Swampfox Optics Justice 1×27 Micro Reflex Red Dot Sight


The days of spending as much money on your optic as on your sidearm are officially over.

Swampfox’s new Justice open reflex red dot sight has been specifically engineered for everyday carry and law enforcement duty use on pistols, carbines, and shotguns. The Justice is constructed from tough 7075 aluminum and packed with advanced features that make everyday use worry-free. With greatly improved battery life thanks to new Shake ‘N Wake motion sensing illumination and a scratch-resistant hardcoat finish, it checks every box.

Choose from Justice’s enlarged 1x27mm window size or slim it down with the Liberty 1x27mm variant. Except for the window size, the two models are identical in feature sets.

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(Does not fit RMSc-cut slides.)


Liberty and Justice are the 2nd generation Swampfox Optics open reflex sights optimized for every day concealed carry and law enforcement duty use. Featuring tough 7075 aluminum construction, Shake ‘N Wake Illumination, improved battery life, and a more compact profile, these optics are ready for year-round use day after day.​​


Justice is identical to Liberty except for its larger window, measuring 27mm wide. Justice is great for shotguns, carbines, duty or competition pistols where conceal-ability is not as important and even faster sight acquisition is desired.

Justice shares the same industry standard RMR footprint as Liberty, and the same body dimensions underneath the window. In all respects other than window size, Liberty and Justice are identical, and both are fully compatible with standard ALS® law enforcement holsters.


The Liberty and Justice both feature high battery life 3MOA red dot reticle emitters which boast 4,000+ hours of battery life at mid range brightness, with Shake ‘N Wake illumination helping to maximize efficiency. Real Talk: At full daylight bright settings, we recommend changing out your battery once a year with the Liberty or Justice.


Compatibility issues can be a major headache when adopting a new piece of equipment, but you don’t have to worry. ​ There is no need to go holster hunting or invest in an expensive custom holster setup. The Liberty and Justice fit securely in all Safariland ALS® series duty holsters with both optic and holster fully functioning as intended. ​(ALS® is a trademark of Safariland Corp​)


Liberty and Justice feature Shake ‘N Wake motion sensing illumination tech to help save battery life. After about four minutes without sensing any motion, illumination will shut off. Even the smallest tap or tilt will wake it up to the previous brightness setting.​​ Holding the brightness-down button for 3 seconds will shut these optics off manually. Taking advantage of Shake ‘N Wake allows you to carry your Liberty or Justice every day, all day long, without pressing brightness buttons every day and without wasting battery life.


  • The Liberty and Justice are constructed from 7075 aluminum and feature a stainless steel top-mounted battery cover accessed with a T10 torx wrench. There is no need to re-zero when swapping batteries
  • The ruby red lens is fully multi-coated with anti-fog, anti-scratch, and hydrophobic coatings, resulting in great daylight bright performance without an annoyingly dark blue tint. ​​
  • Liberty and Justice were designed from the outset to survive the tough life of optics that get carried in the real world day after day, year after year. ​
Weight13 oz
Dimensions5 × 5 × 5 in


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